Refresher Training
Graduates who desire refresher training may be admitted to retake a desired module within 1 year of graduation.  The charge for such training is prorated to the total tuition of the program. 

Admittance is based on space availability. The Providence College is committed to providing the student with a variety of learning experiences both in the classroom and  for study purposes.

Placement Services
Upon completion of a program, students are encouraged to take a seminar on how to obtain employment.  (offered through the placement office). This seminar is critical as it includes such topics as proper grooming, resume writing, successful interviewing techniques, mock interviews, and completing employment applications.

The Providence College's Placement Assistance Department provides direct assistance as students near their completion date and beyond graduation.  Delays in course completion may result in delaying employment assistance activity. The Providence College CANNOT AND DOES NOT GUARANTEE EMPLOYMENT.

Disclosure and Retention of Education Records
Students have the right to inspect, review, and challenge information contained in their education records. Education records are defined as files, materials, and documents, which contain information directly, related to the student and are maintained by the Institution.  Written consent is required before education records may be disclosed to third parties with the exception of regulatory education agencies.  Student’s wishing to review their file must make an appointment with the student service department. All appointments must be made during regular business hours.
At no time may the student and or parent remove, destroy and or damage any documents contents in the file. 

Student records are to be kept for up to 5 years, Transcripts will be available for students permanently. Students must submit a written request to the school for an official copy of the transcript.

Tuition Assistance: At the present time, The Providence College does not offer financial aid programs.

Library: The Providence College's  library is comprised of books and videos that can be used as supplemental or reference materials from the content of the programs. These reference materials are maintained and upgraded on a consistent basis. Periodicals are available for students reading. The library has a computer with internet available and web sites available for the use of the students and Instructors. These web sites are update regularly as new web sites are available.

Student Lounge: The student lounge is available for the convenience of students. Vending machines are available to the students during break times.  Please dispose of food and beverages in the appropriate containers in the student lounge, and food and drinks are not to be taken into the classrooms, or administrative area. 

Student Parking
Student parking is available.  The Providence College is not responsible for parking violations, property theft, property damage. Ample parking is available for the students.

The staff of Providence College makes every effort to maintain close communication with its students.  Students have access to faculty and administrative staff for vocational and academic advising. Students experiencing personal problems, which require professional counseling and is requested by the student, will be referred to the appropriate agencies.




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