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Semester Credit Hour Measure
A Semester Credit Hour (Unit) equals one or any combination of 15 hours of lecture/theory equals 1 semester unit, 30 hours of laboratory/demonstration equals 1 semester unit and 45 hours clinical/extern ship/ work based activity equals l semester unit. A clock hour is defined as “A period of sixty (60) minutes with a minimum of fifty (50) minutes of instruction and 10 minutes allowed for student break. This formula complies with the Federal 34 CFR.

Academic Year Definition
The academic year for programs less than 24 semester credit hours is 32 weeks. The academic year for programs with at least 24 semester credit hours is 36 weeks (48 if beyond 2 semesters).

The Providence College primary goal is to provide quality programs and training that will enable students to successfully complete the program and then be placed in an entry-level career position in their chosen field.  Gendarme Institute following objectives support the institute's goals:

  • To provide quality "hands-on" training

  • To maintain current, up-to-date training equipment and materials

  • To assure programs that are responsive to employer needs

  • To assist graduates with effective placement preparation ​and assistance programs

  • Classes start dates are held every 1st and the 15th of the month.