Admissions Policy
Applicants must be 18 years of age, and, at a minimum, possess a high school diploma or its equivalency (GED). 

Prospective students should contact Providence College to set up an appointment with an Admissions Representative to receive information about the Institute, its curriculum, and admission policies. The representative will give a tour of the campus, provide detailed information of the institution's programs and policies, discuss the applicant's qualifications, and assist him/her in determining the best way to meet his/her career objectives.


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Policies & Info

This College's policy regarding the acceptance of credits earned at other institutions or through challenge examinations and achievements test.

This institute will evaluate transcripts for credit related to the actual course within a 5 years period from date of earned credits. This process will evaluate your earned credits within the last five years as equal to the subject matter offered in your program.

This institute will offer a test for the student with prior experiential learning, that will evaluate the ability of the student equal to the current training offered. Although this Institution will encourage the student to participate in the total course offered, as it benefits the student and the class, the student may be offered the credit for a portion, not to exceed  16 total hours of experiential learning.  The final decision will be that of the Institution Director.  There is no charge for this evaluation to the student, if accepted transcript credits, the student may be credited the cost of the accepted credit for prior education/ experiential learning not to exceed the maximum of 16 hours.  Each student will be evaluated separately by the Institution Director.

Admissions Procedures
As part of the admission procedure, applicants must:
o Complete and submit an Application Form
o Submit an original high school diploma or GED
o Attend a New Student Orientation.
o Complete, sign, and submit an Enrollment Agreement.
o Sign documents acknowledging receipt of disclosure forms.
o Pay a Registration Fee of $100.00.(Non-Refundable)

Admissions Policy
Programs of training are open for open entry-open exit  enrollment to men and women who possess a High School Diploma or the equivalent, and the ability to benefit from the training offered.  Prospective students are invited to visit the institution and discuss their needs, goals, and objectives with an Admissions Representatives.  Gendarme Institute LLC uses an ability-to- be-trained test which is used as an entrance test.

The Institution will consider a non-high school graduate for enrollment if they exhibit and possess the ability-to-benefit from the education and training offered, and pass an approved ability to benefit test and have met all other standards for admissions.

Each applicant accepted for training will complete a request for transcript form to be sent to Secondary and Postsecondary institutions he/she has attended or produce a high school diploma or the equivalent of a high

school diploma (GED).

Ability to Benefit
All  applicants for admission to the school must be administered a test that is designed to reliably measure their ability to be successfully trained to perform the tasks associated with the program of instruction.

This Institute has not entered into an articulation or transfer agreement with any other College or University.    

Withdrawal / Dropout Policy & Procedure
Students who wish to withdraw from their training program should contact the Institution Director.  All students who withdraw or dropout (failed to attend classes for a three-week period without prior arrangement) are required to meet with the Business office.  Regardless of the circumstances of withdrawal or the date of notification to the Institution, the official withdrawal date is the last date a student attended classes.  Both refunds and final grade determinations are based upon last date of class attendance.

Any student who wishes to re-enroll in the same program should first submit a letter to the Institution Director explaining the reason for initial withdrawal and reasons to re-enroll. Any student who re-enrolls must sign a new enrollment agreement at the prevailing tuition. This procedure is for a “Seven Day Cancellation” as well as program cancellations or terminations. All outstanding balance due to program cancellations/terminations must be paid in full.

Any credit given for prior training will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the Institution Director. Institution payments received will be credited to the applicable program. The remaining credit balances will be transferred to the new program.  The Institution at its sole discretion will determine the student’s re-enrollment. A change from one program to another is not considered re-enrolled additional information on course changes can be found in this catalog under Changes in Program. based on each individual’s financial assistance packaging, it is important that all financial obligations are discussed prior to re enrolling.